Do you worry about raising children in a world dominated by technology? Are you concerned about the effects of new technology on your children's attention? Does it feel like parenting in the digital age is more difficult than ever before?

Sorry to break it to you -- you are not alone and its not just now!

Parents have been worried about new technology for centuries.

Back in the day, parents were upset about the dangers of children reading books!  They were convinced that their little ones could strain their eyes, backs and withdraw from reality and never come out of their rooms. In ancient Greece, Socrates was worried that the invention of writing would bring about the loss of memory, dialogue, and interaction. Sounds crazy, right?

Fast forward a few centuries and the worries have changed, but the panic remains the same.


The truth is, every new medium has the potential to impact our children's attention. But they also expand knowledge. Cutting out access can restrict their growth.

<aside> 🔓 We need to shift our focus from fearing attention loss to enabling meaningful consumption and striking a balance between consumption and creation.


What does meaningful content consumption look like?

......and absolutely avoid excessive violence and high contrast videos!

We all know that screens and apps make it easy to passively scroll through endless streams of information - be it videos, games or e-books. Enhance content consumption through conversations.

Conversations can be like a box of chocolates :D.